Reach Fair Proclamation, taken from the Cambridge Weekly News, 22nd May 1914

"The Fair is hereby declared open and all merchants and other persons are strictly charged and commanded to keep his Majesty's Peace." Reach Fair was not proclaimed open in this way, but after seeing the uptodate equippage of motorcars that left Cambridge we expected nothing less. "Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Our Most Gracious Sovereign King George V.." etc was the only touch of Pomp and circumstance in the whole ceremony.

It was a triumph of private enterprise. The total cost to the rates of the Borough amounted to £2.9s and the revenue from the tolls came to £1.14s.2d, a difference from last year when the ratepayers were over £20 out of pocket. Muncipal dignity was sadly shorn of its trappings in the noble cause of economy. Several villagers who looked in their lusty prime, recalled the days when the Mayoral procession consisted of 6 or 8 carriages driven by postillions in livery. The procession which left Cambridge consisted of about 5 cars (list of names). On the way the processionists threw new pennies and halfpennies (their own) to children on the roadside and at the doors of the houses who appreciated the shower.

After reading the Proclomation by the Town Clerk at the two ends of the Fair, the Company assembled to a dinner given by the Mayor in the schoolroom and afterwards wandered about the booths and stalls. There were a number of pleasure-seekers enjoying themselves at the Fair which presented an animated spectacle during the afternoon.

The processionists distributed about five shillings each in coppers on the way to Reach and back. The return journey was made through Bottisham.