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Wicken Fen has been designated as a;

National Nature Reserve
Site of Special Scientific Interest under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
Special Area of Conservation under the EU Habitats Directive
Wetland protected under the international Ramsar Convention

There is no higher recognition of ecological importance. These designations have been principally made on account of the open Fen habitats such as sedge beds, reed communities and Fen meadows. Aquatic habitats such as the dykes and pools are also very important. Dryer grassland and woodland also add diversity to the site but in the case of woodland, its expansion has often been at the expense of more valuable open Fen habitats.

There will be a new Cycle Hire Centre opening at Wicken Fen in July 2011. People who hire a bike will also receive a map with suggested routes, one of which is a circuit which promotes exploring the local villages including Burwell, Reach, Swaffham Prior and Swaffham Bulbeck. To download a copy of the suggested cycle hire routes, please click on this link.

For further information on Wicken Fen please visit their website at