Take place on the 1st Wednesday of every month, starting at 7.45pm (please check the agenda to confirm that time) in the Village Hall


2020 Parish Council Meeting Dates (all Wednesdays):
8th January
1st July
5th February
No Meeting in August
4th March
2nd September
1st April
7th October
6th May
* 4th November
3rd June
2nd December

Required Attendance

The Parish Council with the District Councillor and County Councillor also invited.

Any members of the Reach public are also very welcome - there is a Forum for them at the beginning of the meeting.

Proposed Agenda items should be communicated to any member of the Parish Council by the Wednesday prior to the next meeting.

* The Agenda for the 4th November 2020 Parish Council Meeting can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Agenda for subsequent Parish Council Meetings can be downloaded, one week before the meeting - just click here and go to the relevant folder.