December 2012


Joyce Harrison was a five year old schoolgirl when the horse chestnut tree was planted on the green to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of George V in 1935.  Ever since it has served as one of the village’s most treasured landmarks.  

Unfortunately, however, trees do not always last as long as some of our older residents and over the past couple of years it has begun to look a bit poorly.  The Parish Council has twice removed dead wood and is trying to extend the life of the tree by having its roots aerated – a fairly inexpensive process designed to increase the uptake of oxygen - but even so the tree surgeons who have visited have suggested that another 15 years might just about be its ticket.

The Parish Council decided that we should plant another tree now, so that by the time it finally pops its clogs we will have a semi-mature tree on the Fair Green (see map for planting location) to take its place. 

Celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee provide the ideal excuse - and the funding.

At March's Parish Council meeting, following advice from the world-renowned Barcham Trees, the decision was made in favour of a Sweet Chestnut (Castanea Sativa).

We purchased as large a new tree as was practicable so that as the current tree declines the new one takes over. Once the current tree reaches a terminal state of decline, sadly, for safety reasons, it will have to be removed - but its wood could provide mementos for villagers - and revenue for the village?

The village is grateful to Within Reach magazine who are funding this initiative.

Planting took place on Saturday 22nd December. In 2013 we will have a more celebratory meeting when we hope to add a noticeboard which describes the planting of both trees.

Click here to see a picture of the planting.