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Celebration PicnicThe National Trust has purchased 24 acres of land located on the left hand side of the Burwell Road as you leave Reach and has leased half of the land to the Parish Council for a peppercorn rent so that various community projects can be undertaken.

To download a copy of the lease please click here.

All funding will be raised from donations and grants and subsequently the area will be self-funding.  There will be no cost to Reach villagers via the precept.

Projects identified and agreed to by the Parish Council are (where there is a link you can click on it for further information):

The total area required for the above is approximately 12 acres and the cost for ALL the projects - in total is approximately £75,000

Any land within the 24 acres not needed by the village would be used either for grazing (sheep or cattle) by a local grazier or as a hay meadow thereby retaining its agricultural use.  

If you wish to have further details of this project, the latest Working Document can be downloaded by clicking on the link.