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The ancient township of Reach, or as it was previously know Reche, has been inhabited for over 2,000 years.

Situated at the termination of the great earthwork known as the Devil's Dyke and with Reach Lode giving direct access to the sea, it survived the Norman Conquest as an inland port.

It was the centre of considerable trade in mediaeval times and was granted a charter to hold an annual fair at Rogationtide by King John. Later, as the activity on its hythes decreased and its maritime importance declined, Reach gradually turned into a purely agricultural community.

Reche the port has gone but Reach the hamlet remains and continues to thrive.

One great source of information on Reach (and surrounding areas) is British History Online.

Two other sites that may be of interest are those of Ely High School for Girls and Soham Grammar School.

For further information on the history of Reach, click on the links below.