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Rules for using the court are as follows . . . .

  • The court is freely available to Reach residents and their accompanied guests plus up to 40 Sponsored Visitors*

  • Whenever the court is in use, at least one Reach resident or Sponsored Visitor must be playing.

  • Play can take place at any time during the hours of daylight.

  • Courts may be booked using the forms kept within the cabinet on court.  Individual sessions can be booked up to a maximum period of 1.5 hours. We try and keep a working pen/biro in the box but suggest you bring your own along, just in case.

  • If a booking has to be cancelled, this needs to be done using the forms kept within the cabinet on court.

  • If you play without making a prior booking, please fill in the sheet as a booking.

  • Trainers or tennis shoes must be worn on court. 

  • To keep the court maintenance costs as low as possible, players must change into their trainers or tennis shoes when they arrive on court.

  • It is recommended that younger children do not use the court unless supervised by a responsible adult.

* To become one of the 40 Sponsored Visitors, you will need to be nominated by a Reach Villager and pay the annual charge of £25 (which goes to the court maintenance fund - cheques should be made payable to Reach Parish Council and sent to Susan Bailey, the Clerk, at 29 Great Lane, Reach CB25 0JF or better still, by BACS Sort Code: 20-60-38, Account No: 90796417).

Or you can get in touch with me:

David Parr
Tel: 01638 744081 or 07887 563720
Email: davidmparr[at]