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Rules for using the court are as follows . . . .

  • The court is freely available to Reach residents and their accompanied guests plus up to 40 Sponsored Visitors*

  • Whenever the court is in use, at least one Reach resident or Sponsored Visitor must be playing.

  • Play can take place at any time during the hours of daylight.

  • Courts may be booked using the forms kept within the cabinet on court.  Individual sessions can be booked up to a maximum period of 1.5 hours. We try and keep a working pen/biro in the box but suggest you bring your own along, just in case.

  • If a booking has to be cancelled, this needs to be done using the forms kept within the cabinet on court.

  • If you play without making a prior booking, please fill in the sheet as a booking.

  • Trainers or tennis shoes must be worn on court. 

  • To keep the court maintenance costs as low as possible, players should change into their tennis shoes when they arrive on court.

  • It is recommended that younger children only use the court if supervised by a responsible adult.

* To become one of the 40 Sponsored Visitors, you will need to pay the annual charge of £25 which goes to the court maintenance fund - cheques should be made payable to Reach Parish Council and sent to Susan Bailey, the Clerk, at 29 Great Lane, Reach CB25 0JF or better still, send monies by BACS, Sort Code: 20-60-38, Account No: 90796417, Reference: Your Name and Tennis - please.

Or you can get in touch with me:

David Parr
Tel: 01638 744081 or 07887 563720
Email: davidmparr[at]